Opal in the Family

Growing up in an Australian opal mining town I experienced vibrant colour from an early age. Cue cliche: "Opals are in my blood".

Dad was cutting, polishing and supplying opals to top Australian jewellers since the dinosaurs were around so they have always been apart of our lives even when we moved to coastal Australia. These days I have a family of my own who are also enthralled with these colourful gems.

We discovered the Internet and the creatives here that love the mystery, uniqueness and rarity of opals too. Needless to say, we like to provide opals to talented jewellers and opal collectors who truly appreciate these beautiful Australian gems.

Buying on the internet has its challenges so we are honest and try to make it as easy as possible to match you to your perfect stones. We like to build trusting relationships with our customers and most of all, hope you ENJOY VISITING OUR STORE for some regular opal colour therapy.

X Cara

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